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Residents Nutrition


We use meal times as social events and try to encourage residents to join in at meal times. However we do also give the option of own room dining if preferred. We cater for specific diets e.g diabetic, vegetarian.

One of our care workers is trained in the use of the MUST tool-a tool to monitor and act upon any malnutrition in residents in the home.However we find that after a few weeks most residents put on weight so we have to try and control that aspect as well! Below is a sample of a week's menu at St Leonards.We operate a 2 week menu cycle and most of the cooking is home made with fresh ingredients.We also operate a 'Residents Day' when a particular resident gets involved in planning what meals he or she would like for that day and if possible in the preparation and cooking of the meal as well!

Sample Menu

Breakfasts: Choice of cereal, toast, orange or pommegranite juices

Coffee time: Tea or coffee with biscuits

Lunch time: Could consist of cottage pie, roast meat dinners, lamb chops, chicken curry, beef stew, sausage and peas or sausage and mash.

Desserts: Sponge and custard, Angel delight, fruit and ice cream, fruit pie, trifle, bananas and cream

Tea: Sausage rolls, beans on toast, Cornish pasty, bacon and tomatoes, chicken and asparagus plait, cold meat salad along with a selection of home made cakes, cheese triangles, yogurts and fresh fruit.

We also offer biscuits and sandwiches around 1930hrs with a cup of tea, coffee or a milk drink.At any time residents can ask for a light snack or drink of their choice.